Innovations roundup day three Intersolar Europe

6/2/17, 5:28 PM -

New residential and commercial energy storage solutions, smart inverters and monitoring systems. pv Europe took some innovation roundups at day three of Intersolar Europe.

The X-Storage Buildings battery system of Eaton can be scaled up to several megawatts.
The X-Storage Buildings battery system of Eaton can be scaled up to several megawatts.

Through a partnership with Nissan Eaton provides its X-Storage Home and X-Storage Buildings battery systems with first or second life batteries, as Martin Kram, Managing Director Eaton Electric explained. The Systems can be scaled up to several megawatts. Largest project is a four MW storage installation at Ajax Amsterdam stadium. It uses solar electricity from a rooftop installation, serves as backup system, replaces diesel generators and excess energy will be sold at the spot market.

Home Fusion Solar of Huawei

Matthias Wagner from Huawei took a booth tour with pv Europe to explain the functions of the new new smart hybrid inverter. A battery can be directly connected. It is the core of the Fusion Home Smart Energy system and can be easily installed and offers different monitoring functions and integration of solar modules with power optimizers. Different types of consumers like power2heat devices or wall boxes can be integrated.

Smart PV monitoring from AEG Solar Solutions

Smart PV solar module monitoring is provided through sensors and a portal offered by AEG Solar Solutions. It can monitor each module and is more cost-effective for average applications as power optimizers, accordning to Managing Director Stuart Brannigan. (HCN)

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