Charging cable with an integrated wallbox

11/16/17, 2:33 PM -

Possibly the most compact solution for charging electric cars available on the market is the NRG Kick by Dinitech from Austria. This combines wallbox and charging cable. The NRG Kick is so compact and manageable that it can be taken along in the car if needed. 

NRG Kick by Dinitech combines wallbox and charging cable for electric cars.
NRG Kick by Dinitech combines wallbox and charging cable for electric cars.

This mobile charging unit now makes every power outlet available for charging EVs. Using special adapters the technology adapts to any circumstances everywhere. No matter if it is a high-voltage or a normal household socket, single- or three-phase: Charging always works. And because it uses all three phases of the 400-volt high voltage grid, it allows charging at up to 22 kilowatts. And the integrated residual current protection provides the greatest safety.

Charging current up to 22 kW

Its durability was put to the test during the 80 e-days in 2016, where the NRG Kick went around the world in 80 days with the teams and made sure they were able to charge anywhere – from the hot flat steppes of Kazakhstan to the lofty heights of the Pyrenean. Using it could hardly be easier: The charging current can be adjusted up to 22 kilowatts at the press of a button. So from a high voltage socket, it is possible to charge up to ten times faster than from a regular household outlet.

Bluetooth interface

An optional Bluetooth interface allows connecting the NRG Kick to a smartphone. That way, it is very straightforward to adjust the charging current  – even while charging – from six to 32 amperes in one-ampere increments. The NRG Kick app makes charging transparent and among others shows the amount of power that has been charged. This also makes it possible to verify the cost for charging and the amount of carbon dioxide that has been saved.

The built in anti-tampering protection prevents improper adjustments to the charging current by passers-by. Even if an unauthorised person cuts off the power supply and restarts the NRG Kick, it is impossible for anyone but the registered owner to change the charging current.

The NRG Kick is developed, produced and sold by Dinitech and is being used throughout Europe. Because they export the NRG Kick to more than 20 countries, Dinitech was awarded the Austrian Young Entrepreneur’s Award in the Export category. (HS/HCN)

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