Ford Focus Electric: more range, faster loading, same price

4/13/17, 2:00 PM -

The Ford Focus Electric got a powerful update. This increases the range of the electric car up to 225 kilometers. Furthermore, it now has a fast charging function.

Electric cars: Due to a stronger battery the new Ford Focus Electric has a longer range.
Ford Focus Electric can be charged with a wallbox or a home socket in your garage or you can fast charge the electric car at public stations.

The quick charge function ensures that up to 80 percent of the maximum battery capacity is available after only 30 minutes. The E-engine still has 107 kW (145 hp) and has a front-wheel drive, which accelerates the vehicle from 0 to 100 km / h in 11.4 seconds. The price does not change, however, the Ford Focus is available from 34.900 Euro (minus buyer`s subsidy) and thus costs just as much as the predecessor.

Stronger battery with 33.5 kWh

One of the most important developments at Ford Focus Electric is the upgrade of the lithium-ion high-voltage battery. Instead of 24, this now waits at 33.5 kWh, but it is maintained that this is still cooled and heated. This also reduces the energy loss and heat development of the electric motor. This results in a particular longevity and high efficiency. The range of the five-seater increases from 160 kilometers up to 225 kilometers (according to the NEDC standard). The actual range in daytime operation is lower though.

DC fast charging function as standard

However, the fact that the battery does not last long without power of the Ford Focus Electric on the DC (= direct current) quick charging function. The CCS-Combined Charging System interface allows the vehicle battery to recharge the vehicle battery at up to 80 percent in approximately 30 minutes at corresponding DC fast charging stations with at least 50 kW power.

If the Focus Electric is connected to a stationary charging box with 32 amperes by means of the vehicle-mounted charging accessory, the complete range is available again after around five hours. The complete charging process takes about 16 hours at the 230-volt home socket with alternating current (AC) protected by ten amps. The process can be shortened to about ten hours via a 16A charging box.(hcn)

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