The new AMTRON wall boxes from Mennekes offer easy access to e-mobility for home owners, municipalities and companies

5/18/16, 8:00 AM -

Mennekes from Germany has expanded its comprehensive range of charging stations with a new generation of wall boxes. AMTRON wall boxes integrate a convenient cable holder. Both fixed and portable charging cables can be quickly and simply stored in this manner.

AMTRON wall boxes used with the Mennekes “Charge” app.

Mennekes provides a free “Charge” APP, which the user can download onto a smartphone or tablet. AMTRON wall boxes can be linked to a network via Ethernet or Wifi, depending on specification. The user can see all information on the status of the charging station on his smart device. The Mennekes “Charge” APP shows the vehicles state of charge, the operating status of the wall box, the overall power consumption and associated electricity costs incurred. The charging process be manually started, paused or stopped at any time via the remote control.

Besides remote control, three further charging modes are available through the Mennekes “Charge” APP. Both the network-controlled or time-controlled charging modes ensure that charging is only done when the most favourable electricity tariffs are available, thus directly reducing the energy costs.

Link to a photovoltaic system

Alternatively with the “Home Energy Management” system, it is possible to set up a link to one’s own photovoltaic system, in order to prioritize the usage of self-produced solar energy.

Information concerning the charged energy (kWh), the energy costs (€), the travel distance (km) and the energy costs per 100 km (€) can be presented in clear and understandable personal energy statistics. With the additional entry of vehicle data, e.g. whether a pure electric vehicle (BEV) or a hybrid vehicle (PHE) is involved, fixed monthly costs and mileage, the user is optimally informed with regard to his/her consumption values and the costs incurred at all times.

Data export to the car

Depending on the type of vehicle, data concerning external charging, e.g., at a public charging station, as well as for fuelling a PHEV can be entered. Moreover, the data of all charging processes, e.g. for documentation of the charging processes for the company car or the charging processes of the tenants in residential complexes, can be exported.

Therefore, regarding the use of charging stations, the smartphone- and tablet-friendly “Charge” APP raises the bar to a new level as far as comfort is concerned.

Numerous configuration options

AMTRON wall boxes are available with the Mennekes system (Type 2). Here the customer can choose between a fixed charging cable with a Mennekes charging connector (Type 2) or else with an integrated charging socket (Type 2) for charging with a portable cable. Alternatively the wall boxes are also available with a fixed cable incorporating the Type 1 charging connector.

Specifically for Italy and France, the AMTRON wall boxes are also available with the Mennekes charging socket (Type 2) with shutter function. This safety shutter is currently the only electric vehicle charging socket on the market that fulfills the safety requirements for the French and Italian grid system.

The AMTRON wall boxes are available with charging ratings of 3.7 kW, 11 kW and 22 kW to match the various on-board charger ratings of electric vehicles on the market today. An optional integrated power meter displays the amount of electricity charged at any time.

The operating status is visualized by clearly understandable LEDs. Operational readiness, charging, waiting time and faults are indicated by four back-lit symbols in the colours blue, green, white and red. Thus the respective operating status is clearly visible at first glance from the outside.

RCD is already integrated

In many variants the prescribed personal protection (residual current device - RCD) is already integrated, thus faults can be detected and rectified directly on the device. This is because these wall boxes have a multi-function button, which provides several advantages at once.

It can function as a stop button to end the charging process, so that the charging cable can be detached at the vehicle and at the wall box. In addition, for maximum availability and convenient service activities, the residual current device (RCD) can simply be turned on again at the touch of a button from the outside, and the prescribed RCD test can even be performed in the same manner, without having to open the housing.

The AMTRON wall boxes with integrated personal protection are equipped with a Type A residual current device (RCD), for single-phase devices, and with an RCD that is sensitive to universal currents for three-phase devices. For the variants without integrated personal protection, the button has a stop, i.e. reset function.

Innovative authorization options

The Mennekes wall boxes offer numerous authorization options. The key switch can deactivate the wall box, select one-time and continuous authorization modes for users. For applications where a parking space is not uniquely assigned to an individual (e.g. in hotel car parks or at blocks of flats), access can be restricted for example with the use of RFID readers. Until now, such solutions have very often required higher-level IT backend systems for managing access authorization.

The wall boxes simplify the process. Up to 100 separate RFID card numbers can be registered directly on the wall box controller database (whitelist), eliminating the need for an online IT management system to manage verification and authorization.

The wall boxes can operate as an autonomous offline system. The charging of an electric vehicle can also be initiated, paused and ended manually via remote control using the Mennekes “Charge” APP. The function is secured by PIN code.

With the Mennekes “Charge” APP, the local whitelist concerning RFID authorization is particularly user-friendly. Here, additional names can be assigned to the RFID card numbers and the whitelist can be managed in a convenient manner on a smartphone or tablet.

Many accessories are optional

Because they have been designed primarily for installation on the wall, in the garage, underground car park, or in the parking garage, Mennekes offers suitable mounting columns and weather protection roofs for implementation in the private sector and semi-public sector. The modern mounting stands are available in weather-resistant, stainless steel and concrete versions and can be used for all AMTRON variants.

Test devices, as well as charging cables for Mode 2 and Mode 3 charging in different versions round off the product range. (HS)

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