The intelligent charging cable with mobile electricity metre

9/3/19, 8:03 AM -

Charging infrastructure is expensive, electricity metres are stationary and the charging cable is just a cable. Right? Not necessarily.

The intelligent charging cable with mobile electricity metre
The SmartCable is the piece of technology that ubitricity’s entire concept revolves around.

Berlin-based ubitricity are showing every day what happens when you rethink these fundamentals of electric mobility, demonstrating the possibilities created from this new way of thinking. All of their solutions are based on the MobileCharging system – a combination of services and hardware as a response to customers’ charging and billing needs. These include:

The SmartCable

The SmartCable is the core of ubitricity’s charging and billing solutions. In contrast to other charging cables, a mobile, calibrated electricity meter and SIM card was integrated into the SmartCable. This opens up two possiblities: On the one hand, charging transactions can be recorded with kilowatt-hour precision. On the other hand, it allows an electricity contract for each individual cable, as opposed to for an entire household as would normally be the case. Put together, this means that the user can charge their EV at any ubitricity SimpleSocket, using the same tariff and while paying only for the electricity they are actually using. The SmartCable also allows automatic authentication at the charging point, provides the highest data security ensured by using a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and is compatible with all standard charging infrastructure.

The SimpleSockets

ubitricity’s charging points have one thing in common: they involve no metering, communication or user authorisation technology. This makes them affordable and easy to maintain. Wherever a charging spot is needed: the three installation variants offer full flexibility: on a wall, on a pole or integrated into a lamp post. Furthermore, the sockets are simple to install both outdoors and indoors, involve a comparatively low initial outlay as well as running costs and are available for different charging requirements

The ConnectivityManager

The customer portal is available as either a web-based application or a mobile app (iOS & Android): The ConnectivityManager informs the customer in real-time about everything they need to know. In addition to monitoring and providing an overview on personal data and invoices, customers can also use other services, such as the map-based search tool for charging points. (mfo)

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