Smart management of Varta battery units

2/20/19, 8:02 AM -

SDS’ Solar-Log now provides a smart management system for Varta battery storage units. This also includes usage patterns and weather forecasts.

Smart management of Varta battery units
Both waether and usage data are considered

As of the update to version 4.2.0, SDS’ Solar-Log energy management system now uses weather forecast data and a consumption analysis to calculate the most effective charging period for a battery storage unit.

For the first time, the forecast-based charging time shift intelligently controls the charging of storage units in order to make the most effective use of a solar system's output curve. This feature is particularly important for subsidised systems. Every morning, the optimum time corridor for charging is determined. This calculation includes the weather data, the size of the installation and the capacity of the battery system.

In addition, the consumption data for the connected facility is incorporated into the battery management system: Solar-Log knows the typical past consumption patterns and checks whether the calculated charging corridor is sufficient to charge the battery to 100 percent.

If necessary, the charging period can be adjusted. The new smart battery charging is initially available in conjunction with Varta storage batteries and the Solar-Log 300, 1200, 1900 and 2000 models as well as the Solar-Log online portal Web Enerest. Further battery storage units are to be integrated. (mfo)

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