Smart e-bike charging and repair combined with a stylish bench

2/18/20, 8:02 AM -

Monna is include’s multifunctional solar bench that is suitable for both urban and rural areas. It is equipped with two charging sockets.

Smart e-bike charging and repair combined with a stylish bench
Recharging an e-bike in remote places extends the range of bike tours that are possible.

The Monna solar smart bench is based on the popular Steora smart bench and comes with its little sister’s most useful features and functions, such as charging smart devices, Wi-Fi, street light, digital advertising, sensors, data collecting. Using all of this, include have created a solar-powered cycling point that comes with bike racks, repairing tools and two 250-watt sockets for charging electric bicycles, but also laptops or other electronic devices.

Being the most powerful model in the Monna range, Monna Country is designed for remote locations, such as countryside cycling routes, hills etc. It comes with a larger and more powerful solar panel (270 watts) and has more battery capacity (1.47 kilowatt hours) than its junior siblings Monna City and Monna Street.

This allows the Monna Country to perform even its more advanced functions, such as electric bicycle charging and running the compressor to adjust the tyre pressure, entirely on solar power, and eliminating the need for AC grid power. All of the Monna models come with a seven-inch display for setting the tyre pressure and releasing the included sets of repair tools. (mfo)