New overvoltage protection for DC systems

5/9/19, 8:03 AM -

Raycap introduces Probloc B 1000 DC, a new overvoltage protection for DC applications. The solution can be used to protect multiple electric mobility systems.

New overvoltage protection for DC systems
The Probloc B 1000 DC is UL Type 1 CA certified and future-proof.

Technologies such as rapid charging or battery storage systems frequently use DC current. This requires special arresters with higher safety requirements, such as greater clearances and creepage distances.

Since DC, unlike AC voltage, does not have a zero crossing, arcing cannot be extinguished automatically. As a result, fires can easily occur.

With their Probloc B 1000 DC, Raycap offer a product that is UL Type 1 CA certified and future-proof for a wide range of DC sources. A patented disconnecting device with a rotating mechanism safely quenches a switching arc. Due to the high self-extinguishing capacity, a short-circuit current of 50 kiloampere, as could be caused by a battery storage unit, can be separated. (mfo)

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