Mobile tester to calibrate charging stations

6/6/19, 7:58 AM -

As of April 2019, only calibrated charging stations are permitted for billing. A new charging metre box enables the authorities to carry out a precise and quick verification – even without an electric car.

Mobile tester to calibrate charging stations
This calibration unit is mobile and does not necessarily require an EV during the testing process.

The company EGS from Gallin in the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has developed the first mobile solution for the calibration of public charging stations for electric vehicles. With the charging metre box, the responsible calibration authorities can for the first time calibrate already installed EV charging stations in accordance with the law - and without having to use an EV.

The device can also be used to assess the conformity of charging stations. The assessment is part of the legally required calibration procedure. AC charging stations are subject to calibration according to the Measuring and Verification Act (MessEG, Paragraph 3 Numbers 22 and 23) and the relevant ordinance (MessEV, Paragraph 1). The transitional period ended on 1 April, 2019.

Since then, only calibrated charging stations with a conformity assessment may be used for billing purposes. To check a charging station, the box is connected between the electric car and the charging station. EGS is using the LZQJ-XC metre from the parent company EMH Metering as the testing metre. This complies with the accuracy classification of 0.2 S required by the calibration authorities. (mfo)

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