Lorry as mobile fast charging system for EVs

3/12/20, 8:01 AM -

According to ADS-Tec Energy, the Mobile High Power Charger is the world's most powerful mobile fast charging system in the form of a truck trailer.

Lorry as mobile fast charging system for EVs
Mobile High Power Charger is able to rapid-charge up to ten EVs simultaneously.

Ten electric vehicles can simultaneously charge at the two-megawatt hour HPC charging truck with up to 320 kilowatts each in a few minutes. The truck has a total power output of 3.2 megawatts when charging at full power from all charging points simultaneously. This corresponds to the average power output of around 3,200 single-family homes.

The concept enables rapid setup and dismantling directly where it is needed. The tractor unit and trailer have been optimised in such a way that transport can be carried out without exceeding the 40-ton gross vehicle weight limit.

Considering the often limited availability of grid connections, it is a unique opportunity to provide high charging capacities for a limited period of time and independent of location. The ADS-Tec fast-charging trailer was first put to use at the end of 2019 at the Barcelona motor racing circuit. The mobile rapid charging system is currently being used at various events throughout Europe. (mfo)