Faster single-phase charging

8/5/19, 8:04 AM -

Many EVs such as the Nissan Leaf and the Opel Ampera E can only charge using a single-phase connection to the normal power grid. The result: extremely long charging times.

The Juice Phaser: faster single-phase charging
The Juice Phaser delivers 25 amps from a standard 16 amp socket.

To cope with this issue, the Swiss company Juice Technology has developed the Juice Phaser. Connected to a standard 16 amp three-phase socket, this device delivers 25 amps for single-phase charging. Instead of just 3.7 kilowatts, it now produces an output of 5.8 kilowatts – in compliance with the relevant unbalanced load restrictions.

A normal night at home or a working day at the office is now sufficient to fully charge even single-phase charging cars at low cost. To ensure comfort and safe charging, the Juice Phaser is prepared for use with the most widely used mobile charging station in the world, the Juice Booster 2. The combination of these two devices offers a trouble-free package that is both CE and EMC compliant. The Juice Phaser can be connected directly to a CEE16 socket or directly to the mains. It is waterproof and therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor use. (mfo)

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