Energy metre for EV charging stations

6/20/19, 8:01 AM -

Carlo Gavazzi, a manufacturer specialising in components for building automation, presents an energy metre for charging stations using three-phase loads.

Energy metre for EV charging stations
The EM340 records the current flow at a resolution of 1 watt.

The EM340 three-phase energy metre from Carlo Gavazzi is suitable for recording active energy as well as for cost allocation in applications up to 65 amperes per phase and can be used in delivery systems with two tariffs. The MID-certified version with reverse flow lock is used to measure the energy supplied. Optional versions are available with a pulse output proportional to the counted energy, RS485 Modbus or M-Bus connection.

Energy metres for charging stations must meet specific requirements. Bidirectional meters that measure the delivered and received energy are not approved for charging facilities. Since billing is based on the charging power measured at the charging station, a high level of measurement accuracy is required. The EM340 records the current flow at a resolution of 0.001 kilowatt hours, i.e. 1 watt. Measuring 54 millimetres wide, the EM340 is one of the narrowest devices on the market. (mfo)

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