EV charging station including a large storage unit

4/25/19, 8:01 AM -

Kreisel Electric’s new fast charger in combination with a storage battery now makes rapid charging possible even where the grid infrastructure might otherwise not allow it.

EV charging station including a large storage unit
Charging up to 160 kilowatts via a Chademo connection.

Kreisel Electric are presenting the Chimero fast charging station. It comes equipped with an integrated 75 kilowatt hour storage unit and can be supplied with up to 55 kilowatts from renewable AC energy sources. This turns the Kreisel Chimero into a flexible plug-and-play solution for any location. In addition, it can take the load off the power grid or stabilize it – as needed. In the future, EVs will have to be able to charge quickly. One of the major obstacles to a nationwide fast-charging infrastructure has been the high grid connection costs. According to Kreisel, the Chimero will soon change this: At the charging station, EVs either charge with AC at 22 kilowatts via a type 2 connection or with DC at 160 kilowatts via a CCS or Chademo connection. The integration of the bi-directional storage system therefore allows the optimisation of self-consumption. With an integrated interface, grid services and participation in the energy market can also be realised. (nhp/mfo)
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