New smart home storage unit

5/1/19, 8:01 AM -

Siemens presents its own home storage system. The Junelight Smart Battery lithium storage system features intelligent energy management.

New smart home storage unit
Does not only look smart: The Siemens Junelight.

The storage capacity can be gradually scaled from 3.3 kilowatt hours net up to 19.8 kilowatt hours. Up to six battery units with 3.3 kilowatt hours each can be retrofitted if new consumers such as heat pumps or an electric car are being added.

The home storage unit controls and plans the charging and discharging processes depending on the weather-dependent yield forecast of the photovoltaic system and the individual consumption profile of the household. All energy flows from production and storage to consumption and feeding into the grid can be viewed in real time via an app.

The Junelight Smart Battery home storage system is now available in Germany and Austria. The basic version of the new storage unit with 3.3 kilowatt hours is available for 4,950 euros. (mfo)

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