NES-I Storage M: DC lithium battery storage in modular combinable units

10/24/17, 8:58 AM -

The German firm New Energy Systems offers the NES-I battery storage units which combine new cell technology with economic efficiency.

NES installs battery cells with ceramic separator.

The high-voltage modular units from NES can be combined in a flexible way and easily optimized for different applications like homes, trade, industry and substitute power supplies. NES-I Storage combines highest safety, longevity and flexibility. More features of the system according to NES:

  1. Plug & play technology for fast mounting & installation
  2. Flexible, modular system design for new and existing plants
  3. Battery cells with ceramic separator for high safety and longevity demands
  4. High-voltage technology designed for low costs and optimum efficiency
  5. Fundings are applicable, like the KfW 275
  6. Maintenance contracts allow up to 20 years warrantee
  7. Charge and discharge power up to 10 kilowatts
  8. Interconnectivity: Each NES charging converter can handle up to 6 NES-I storage M
     (24 kilowatt-hours)
  9. Monitoring every cell for lifetime (nhp)

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