Window blinds that generate electricity

5/13/19, 8:01 AM -

Solargaps present solar window blinds that both provide shade and generate power.

Window blinds that generate electricity
The perfect 2-in-1 solution.

The blinds produced by the Ukraine-based company Solargaps generate electricity in home or office settings. The solar blinds automatically follow the sun and thus increase the solar yield. The technology enables solar power generation of up to 100 watts per square metre of solar area, which consists of a blind with integrated solar cells in its slats. The electricity is dissipated via a cable inside the housing of the blinds. It is partly used for automatically adjusting the amount of shading, but can also be fed directly into the house grid or temporarily stored in a battery.

According to the manufacturer, the blinds are cheaper, easier to maintain and more service-friendly than roof-based photovoltaic systems. Above all, they do not require a roof at all. Solargaps blinds will soon also be available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the distributor Plissee from Düsseldorf, the Ukrainian company has found a new sales partner for these countries. (mfo)

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