Topic of the Week: High-performance PV (Part 5): Module series with more output

2/28/20, 5:03 PM -

In January 2020, Aleo Solar launched a new module series with larger cells onto the market.

Module series with more output
The compact 48-cell module handles particularly well.

Lastly this week, here is a solar panel that solves the problem of generating as much energy as possible per a given area by increasing the surface that is photovoltaically active:

Thanks to the new design, a three to four per cent higher module output can be achieved. The current bestseller, a 60-cell module with a white back sheet, will from now on be available in the performance classes 325, 330 and 333 watts.

While standard cells have a format of 156.75 x 156.75 millimeters with a 211 millimeter diagonal, Aleo now uses square cells with a format of 158.75 x 158.75 millimeters. This also changes the module surface area. The 60-cell module now measures 1716 x 1023 millimeters instead of the previous 1660 x 990 millimeters.

Elsewhere on pv Europe:
There is a trend for larger wafer sizes.

The mechanical stability is further ensured by a frame 42 millimetres in thickness. This makes the Aleo modules more stable and torsion-resistant, an important aspect when it comes to service life, as snow and wind loads are absorbed and the modules are suitable for larger snow and ice deposits of up to 8, 000 Pascal in pressure load. (mfo)

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