Topic of the Week: High-performance PV (Part 4): Three new modules in the series

2/27/20, 5:03 PM -

Sharp expands its NU series to include three new models. The monocrystalline Perc modules can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Three new modules in the series
Each of the three modules are particularly suited for a specific application.

Yet another expanded series of highly efficient solar modules:

At 370 watts, Sharp’s NU-AH370 offers the highest rated output of the three new modules. With 72 monocrystalline cells, a module efficiency of 19.1 percent and a power tolerance of up to five per cent, it is particularly suitable for large-scale roof-mounted and ground-mounted systems where maximum yields are important. The 1.2 metre long connection cables enable crossover wiring without the need for extra return cables.

The NU-AK310 and NU-AK300B modules, each with 60 cells, are designed for roof systems on residential, industrial and commercial buildings and are available in a variety of designs. The NU-AK310 with a rated output of 310 watts also achieves a module efficiency of 19.1 per cent. The NU-AK300B, with its black frame and backsheet, is particularly designed to appeal to private and commercial customers for whom aesthetics are important. Thanks to an improved five-busbar technology, all modules provide higher reliability and efficiency as well as lower serial resistance. (mfo)

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