Three new solar panels

6/4/19, 8:06 AM -

Hanwha Q-Cells presented three new modules at Intersolar. All of them demonstrate significant increases in output.

Three new solar panels from Q-Cells
The Q-Peak Duo G7 with its 120 mono half cells and twelve round wires per cell.

The Q-Peak Duo G6 features 120 monocrystalline half cells with larger M4 wafers. This also means that the size of the module increases slightly: by 5.5 centimetres in height and three centimetres in width. The module output increases by six percent – the module is available in output classes between 340 and 355 watts.

The Q-Peak Duo G7 also features 120 mono half cells, but is connected with twelve round wires. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to gain one or two performance classes. The module achieves between 325 and 335 watts.

The Q-Peak Duo L-G-5.3/BF is a monocrystalline glass-glass module with 144 bifacial half cells. It is available with outputs between 380 and 395 watts. (mfo)

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