Solar modules coloured by customer request

1/28/20, 8:03 AM -

NICE Solar Energy GmbH have come up with a solution that produces coloured solar facades in a wide range of hues, giving architects greater creativity.

Solar modules coloured by customer request
With the semiconductor material added to the coloured glass, all of the facade can be solar.

The up and coming module manufacturer NICE Solar Energy has set itself the task of above all meeting architects' demand for freedom to choose design elements. For the modules, the company uses a front glass with fired ceramic paint on the back. This is a proven technique in the production of coloured glass elements that has long been used in facades. The difference to the conventional facade glass is: Nice Solar additionally applies semiconductor material to this colour layer. The semiconductor uses the light waves that penetrate this colour layer to produce electricity.

As with all coloured modules, the output is lower than that of the standard modules. But this way Nice can cover the entire colour spectrum that architects are already familiar with from glass facade elements. The modules can also be supplied with a matt colour layer to prevent glare. They are attached to the facade using a backrail glued to the back of the modules, which architects and planners are already familiar with from conventional glass facades. (mfo)