SolTech Energy launches SolTech Roof

1/3/19, 8:03 AM -

SolTech Energy is now launching SolTech RooF, a new product that replaces traditional roofing tiles, and it will be marketed as a building material for roof replacement.

SolTech Energy is now launching SolTech RooF.
The aesthetics of architecture and can be adapted to the roof structure.

Esthetic, building-integrated solar cells that fill several functions in one and the same product are, without question, the future’s solar energy. SolTech RooF is environmentally smart and designed from an eco-design perspective. This means, beginning as early as the concept phase, we have consciously worked on ensuring that, when the time comes to replace it, the product will be fully recyclable, which is both climate smart and economical from start to goal. SolTech RooF is constructed to be fully integrated with the roof, with a sub-frame identical that used for common roof tiles, the company says.

SolTech RooF is an option when you do not want solar thermal installations on top of the roof, company says. The aesthetics of architecture and can be adapted to the roof structure. The panel is designed to be integrated into the ceiling with the same workmanship as for conventional roof tiles, making it easy and cost effective to install.

The product is a robust construction product designed to walk and stand on. SolTech RooF’s solar cell is thin film that helps the product deliver energy even in shady environments and on cloudy days, a concept that is both climate-friendly and economical. (nhp)

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