Simplicity at its best

10/10/19, 8:06 AM -

Based in Solin, Croatia, the providers of IoT solutions include have developed a series of smart benches that generate solar electricity.

Simplicity at its best
Because it requires no additional infrastructure, the Steora can be set up anywhere.

The Steora Standard is include’s basic model of smart bench. It is designed for outdoor spaces exposed to plenty of sunlight, such as city squares or parks. Steora Standard is fully solar powered, and does not require any additional power supply or infrastructural changes. The seating area is made up of two monocrystalline solar panels generating 110 watts. The generated electricity is stored in a 0.86 kilowatt hour battery pack.

The controller is specially developed to produce up to 30 per cent more energy. On winter days or in case of heavy rain, it monitors weather conditions and powers off the bench as required. With its simple, balanced design and convenient size, Steora can be installed to substitute regular street benches. However, it not only provides seating, but also a Wi-Fi hotspot and two USB charge ports as well as a pad for wireless charging of mobile devices.

15 sensors inside the Steora bench monitor everything that happens on and around it. In real time, the sensors gather data on air parameters, bench usage and system status. All of the gathered information is available via a dashboard. (mfo)