REC Group starts production of TwinPeak mono panels

1/16/19, 8:02 AM -

The REC Group recently announced start of production of two new monocrystalline products based on their award winning TwinPeak technology: the 60-cell TwinPeak 2 Mono and the 72-cell TwinPeak 2S Mono 72.

REC TwinPeak 2S Mono 72
Based on award winning TwinPeak technology: the TwinPeak 2 Mono series.

Using p-type monocrystalline PERC cells, the 60-cell TwinPeak 2 Mono is rated up to 320 Wp and the 72-cell TwinPeak 2S Mono 72 up to 380 Wp. The new panels bring heightened efficiency to REC’s portfolio and will be the company’s first products to come with a new, extended warranty.

Building on REC’s long experience with half-cut cell technology, the new mono products offer increased power output per square meter and improved performance in shaded conditions. This makes the REC TwinPeak 2 Mono the perfect choice for residential and small commercial rooftop installations where high power is required and space is limited. The larger, but at 22 kilos still lightweight, REC TwinPeak 2S Mono 72 enables large commercial and utility installations to benefit from the lower balance of system costs inherent in this format.

REC Group was the first manufacturer to introduce half-cut cell solar panels to mass production in 2014. To date, more than 2 GW of REC TwinPeak solar panels with half-cut cells have been installed around the world. The new products come just four months after REC began production of its brand-new N-Peak Series – the world’s first n-type mono solar panel with half-cut cells and twin design. As with the N-Peak, the new mono products are manufactured at REC’s production site in Singapore. (mfo)


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