Innovative PV modules coated in graphene

2/5/19, 8:00 AM -

PV manufacturer Znshine have developed a graphene coating for their solar panels. By making the modules virtually self-cleaning, this not only lowers maintenance costs but also promises higher yields.

Znshine’s innovative PV modules coated in graphene
Graphene coating makes modules virtually self-cleaning

The innovativeness of Znshine’s GIZera Graphene coating PV modules is explained directly in the name of this product. Application of graphene resulting in the self-cleaning effect reduces costs and increases energy gains. Water flows easily thanks to high hydrophilicity and organic substances are quickly broken down in the process of photocatalysis. Dust is also easily removed and does not influence performance.
Moreover, these modules also use double glass technology which reduces the degradation rate to only 15% within 25 years. Znshine GIZera are equipped with 12 busbars which further increases energy gains and minimises the risk of hot spots.
Investors and designers can benefit from maintenance cost reduction thanks to the self-cleaning properties of graphene coating. Nevertheless, there are many more advantages of this product, such as increased life span, higher energy gains and 82% yield guarantee after 30 years. This panel is already available on the European market and is actually the best-selling module type for commercial solar parks in India. (mfo)


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