In-roof module in three formats

6/12/19, 2:09 PM -

Sonnenstromfabrik presents new in-roof modules for the Solrif mounting system.

In-roof module in three formats
The panels are available with 60, 54 or 48 cells.

The company Sonnenstromfabrik offers three different glass-foil modules in this segment. The panels are available with 60, 54 or 48 cells. This means that there is a choice of inexpensive entry-level models for integrated solar roof concepts, which can also be combined with each other. This enables the optimum roof layout to be achieved. With the Solrif mounting system, solar modules can be mounted directly on the roof truss. In Switzerland, the glass-foil and glass-glass modules for the Solrif system from Ernst Schweizer AG are available from the three wholesalers Krannich Solar, Solexis and Electro-Sol. Anyone who wants to use the Solrif system under extreme environmental conditions, such as high wind or snow loads, or in agriculture and industry, can still fall back on the double glass modules with special stability and resistance to ammonia and acids. These modules are also available in three formats. (mfo)

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