Construction for curtain wall solar facade

9/5/19, 8:03 AM -

The facade system Fast from the Swiss manufacturer Megasol is suitable for all areas in which curtain wall-type facade systems are used.

Construction for curtain wall solar facade
The system is also suitable for urban apartment blocks.

Applications of the system by Megasol include not only detached and multi-family homes, but also office and apartment blocks in cities. Cross sections are screwed to a vertical structure for installation, which in turn is attached to the curtain wall. This provides a rear ventilation level that is closed off by the solar modules. These are hooked into the cross sections by means of backrails attached to the back of the modules and secured with sliding stops. It is also possible to mount the modules in such a way that the mounting system is no longer visible. Individual modules can be removed at any time later, so that exchanging defective units is not a problem.

The system is designed in such a way that the planner can also integrate modules of different sizes into one facade. However, all modules in one level should have the same height. Otherwise, additional cross profiles would have to be attached to mount modules of different heights on the same level. (mfo)

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