Bifacial panels made in Lithuania and produced using renewable energies

1/31/19, 8:03 AM -

As of this year, the Lithuanian cell manufacturer Solitek will also offer their bifacial double-glass modules in Europe. They come with surpisingly long warranties.

The bifacial models of Solitek’s SOLID range: 60 or 72 cells.
Sustainably produced: Solitek’s SOLID range

The bifacial models of Solitek’s SOLID range are equipped with monocrystalline cells from their own production line and are available either with 60 or 72 cells, and have five busbars each.

The variant with 60 cells achieves an output of 300 watts, the one with 72 cells 340 watts. On top of this, the bifacial back side, of course, generates additional electricity. Both product variants are manufactured without frame, but with edge protection. The load capacity is 8,000 Pascal. However, the panels are relatively heavy: The 60-cell version weighs 27 and the 72-cell version 32 kilograms.

The company gives a 30-year product and efficiency warranty. And one more noteworthy fact is that Solitek exclusively uses renewable energies for the production of their cells and modules, which lowers the carbon footprint of their products considerably. The panels are available either through retailers or directly from Solitek. (mfo)

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