Versatile mounting systems for metal roofs

3/18/20, 8:05 AM -

With the Compact Metal metal roof system, Aerocompact has developed a particularly flexible mounting system.

Versatile mounting systems for metal roofs
The Compact Metal metal roof system allows installing a solar array on various types of roofing.

The manufacturer Aerocompact has launched its new mounting system for metal roofs. It works according to a modular principle, so that different combinations are possible with the same components. Fewer components mean quick and effective installation and more options.

With the Compact Metal metal roof system, modules can be installed on various types of roofing – whether on trapezoidal sheet metal, round seams, standing seams or angle seams. If required, installers can mount the modules in both horizontal and vertical orientation. The system thus offers a high degree of flexibility and is quick to install. It also allows for an increase of five to ten centimetres and an elevation between five and seven degrees for higher energy efficiency and better rear ventilation. The system is mounted with self-drilling screws that work without chipping. (mfo)

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