Optigrün International: Quick and inexpensive to install

2/27/19, 8:05 AM -

A green solar roof held in place by its own weight – with the greenery acting as an additional layer of insulation.

Optigrün International: Quick and inexpensive to install
The Sun Root supports are held in place by their own weight and do not penetrate the roof cladding.

Optigrün's solar green roof is installed as a load-bearing system without roof penetration. For this purpose, the Sun Root photovoltaic mounting brackets are secured in position and protected against wind by the load of the green roof structure. One advantage of this system solution is that the photovoltaic supports do not penetrate the roof construction and sealing, nor do they impose heavy point loads.

In addition, the system is held in place by its own weight and is thus less costly and faster to install than conventional mounting systems attached to the roof structure.

The green solar roof is designed to allow narrow rows of modules and thus high yields even from a small area. Since the vegetation grows beneath the modules, large areas of the roof can still be covered with greenery.

The green roof structure acts as a protective layer against extreme temperatures, UV and IR radiation, hail and other weather conditions. This doubles the lifespan of the roof membrane. Repairs and renovation work will not have to be carried out until much later. (mfo)

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