New mounting rail for pitched roofs

9/10/19, 8:02 AM -

The manufacturer T.Werk from Ellzee in Germany has now launched the Zelos mounting rail and Alu Var roof hook for pitched roofs.

New mounting rail for pitched roofs
Clicking into the mounting rail makes assembly faster at no cost of stability.

With the new mounting rail and the versatile roof hook, T.Werk are expanding their Chronos product range. Because the solar modules are clicked into the upper profile, they can be attached quickly and securely to pitched and tiled roofs.

Another new addition to the product portfolio is the Alu Var roof hook. Thanks to the ten holes in the base plate, the hook can be used on roofs of any shape. It is height-adjustable in two ways and particularly stable thanks to its force-locking and form-fitting connections. Its serrated contact surface prevents it from being twisted after assembly. T.Werk grants a manufacturer's warranty of 12 years on the roof hooks. (mfo)

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