New insertion system for pitched roofs by Ernst Schweizer

4/11/19, 8:00 AM -

With their MSP-PR Inlay, Ernst Schweizer have added a new insertion system to their product range.

Ernst Schweizer’s new insertion system for pitched roofs
A great alternative when an in-roof system is out of the question.

When building the solar array on pitched roofs using Ernst Schweizer’s new mounting frame, the technician no longer uses clamps to fasten the modules. Instead, they are inserted into a rail at the top and bottom. Depending on the space available on the roof, the installer has the choice of inserting the modules either horizontally or vertically. This not only increases the stability of the system, but also helps to speed up installation.

The insertion system is mounted either with roof hooks or with hanger bolts using a cross connection. This alone increases the load-bearing capacity. Since the modules are fixed over the length or width of the entire frame, their mechanical load is minimised. In addition, this creates a homogeneous module array, as clamps no longer disturb the visual appearance. This makes the Ernst Schweizer insertion system an alternative when the aesthetics of the roof matter, but an in-roof system is out of the question for the customer.

The system is available with the visible parts in bare aluminium or painted black (RAL 9005). Ernst Schweizer covers module frame heights of 35 and 40 millimetres. (SU/mfo)

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