Flexible rail systems for east-west- and south-facing roofs

3/3/20, 8:04 AM -

In January, the PV mounting system manufacturer Aerocompact, headquartered in Austria, expanded its Compactflat product range by two models.

Flexible rail systems for east-west- and south-facing roofs
The Compactflat SN10 and SN10+ have been extensively tested in a wind tunnel.

The aerodynamic aluminium modular systems Compactflat SN10 and SN10+ are suitable for mounting framed solar modules on foil, bitumen and concrete flat roofs. On request, the manufacturer that sells its products worldwide can also adapt the ten-degree inclined systems for gravel and green roofs.

Aerocompact has designed the new Compactflat SN10 rail system for south-facing solar installations. The east-west system Compactflat SN10+, on the other hand, uses two mirrored standard brackets of the SN10 modular system as central supports. This means that both variants can be realised with the same components, which reduces the required warehousing capacity.

Extensive wind tunnel tests with wind speeds of up to 250 kilometres per hour and a 25-year product guarantee ensure the necessary safety, according to the manufacturer. (mfo)