Esdec Clickfit EVO Trusshook: installer-friendly and multi-functional

1/14/19, 8:01 AM -

In January at the 2019 InterSolution Exhibition in Ghent, Esdec are presenting their new installer-friendly and multi-functional ClickFit EVO Trusshook, which uses a hook with wider top plate that can be screwed onto the truss or counter batten.

Esdec Clickfit EVO Trusshook
Esdec Clickfit EVO Trusshook: installer-friendly and multi-functional.

Esdec’s existing ClickFit EVO concept is known in the market as the number one installation structure for PV installations. In addition, the ClickFit EVO Trusshook can be used together with the universal Evo-hook in a single setup. The quick process of installation, the one-tool approach, the innovative roof hook and the maximum performance rail design (lightweight vs. maximum strength) is highly appreciated by the installers.

There are cases, when the original roof hook cannot be applied due to a different roof structure or an unfortunate alignment with a truss beam or counter-batten. In these cases, the principal concept of hooking the roof hook does not offer the functional ClickFit EVO clasp. Especially in Germany, France and Belgium the demand for a product with multifunctional alignment is high. Similar as the universal ClickFit EVO roof hook, the ClickFit EVO Trusshook is also manufactured out of the Magnelis® steel, known for its excellent corrosion resistance and self-healing properties.

The ClickFit EVO Trusshook will be available individually (DTS), in boxes of 12 units or by the pallet of 864 units (72 boxes). (mfo)

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