Combine a green roof with PV

3/21/19, 8:04 AM -

Can a green roof be combined with a photovoltaic system? The Greenlight system by Contec from Karlsruhe makes this possible. The self-generated electricity lowers the energy costs while the vegetation enhances the insulation effect of the roof.

Combine a green roof with PV
The plants and flowers cultivated tend to be endangered, which helps to protect biodiversity.

Contec promises that the plants not only cool the system from below, but the green roof also extends the service life of the roof waterproofing by protecting it from extreme temperatures. The plants are selected so that they do not exceed a height of 30 centimetres and thus do not cast a shadow over the solar installation. In addition, the plants cultivated are red-listed and endangered. This gives them a new home and provides a habitat for a large number of species of small animals and thus protects biodiversity.

The Greenlight system weighs only 20 kilograms per square metre and can be mounted facing either east-west or south. The vegetation acts as ballast to protect against wind suction. In addition, a safety barrier can of course also be fitted. (mfo)

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