Array Technologies: centrally driven Tracker

2/26/19, 8:03 AM -

The US-based tracker manufacturer Array Technologies has redesigned their centrally driven Dura Track HZ.

Array Technologies: centrally driven Tracker
Locking mechanism that can be released in case of high winds.

The aim of the redesign of the Dura Track HZ was to retain the advantages of a centrally driven system while at the same time gaining the flexibility of a system that pivots each row separately. The Americans replaced the rigid actuator rod by a telescopic rod with a pivot point. This compensates for east-west irregularities of up to 40 degrees.

In addition, the new system can also individually rotate the rows so that backtracking does not cause the modules to overshadow each other. In order to avoid damage in storms, a locking mechanism in the gearbox is released. This allows each row to optimally turn into the wind.

Array uses a one motor to move up to 32 module rows up to an inclination of 52 degrees in an east-west direction. Each row can be equipped with 90 standard crystalline modules or 72 First Solar Series 6 modules. This allows the tracker to turn up to one megawatt of power generation with a single motor. Array Technologies indicates the system’s annual energy consumption at 400 kilowatt hours. (mfo)

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