Adjustable and flexible roof hook

3/31/20, 8:03 AM -

Ludwig Schletter's company SL Rack presents itself to the photovoltaics market with new mounting systems using an intuitive modular system.

Adjustable and flexible roof hook
The SL Rack Top 5 modular system fits all tiled roofs.

Instead of a confusing selection of several roof hooks, SL Rack combines the different variations in one component. A system that fits all tiled roofs: height adjustable without tools, adaptable to the roof without shims and made of lightweight aluminium.

Did you know?
We had devoted one of our 2019 Guided Tours to mounting systems.

With the SL Rack Top 5 modular system, in which five products complement each other, every tiled roof can be outfitted and a system can be quickly installed and adapted to any height without tools. With end and middle clamps for module heights of 30 to 50 millimetres, an adaptable profile for the most common static requirements and a flexible rail connector, all the necessary components for installation are in place. (mfo)