New PV string inverter with 1,500 volt DC technology

10/9/19, 8:04 AM -

Ingeteam has finalised the launch of their new INGECON SUN 160TL photovoltaic string inverter.

The performance of the INGECON SUN 160TL means that fewer inverters overall are needed.

The new INGECON SUN 160TL photovoltaic inverter provides up to 160 kilowatts (if connected to a 690 volt AC network) from a single unit weighing only 75 kilograms. Its 1,500 volt DC technology allows it to reach a maximum efficiency of up to 99.1 per cent. The INGECON SUN 160TL makes it possible to drastically reduce the total number of inverters required for a PV power plant. No combiner boxes are needed (either on the DC or the AC side), and because this PV inverter does not require a neutral wire, it enables up to a 20 per cent of cost reduction in AC cabling.

The INGECON SUN 160TL features Power Line Communication (PLC), Ethernet and Wi-Fi communications as standard. These communications, together with the webserver that is integrated into the inverter, enable a fast and reliable commissioning using a mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop. Furthermore, it is compatible with an external Cloud Connect software.

Ingeteam have recently supplied equipment for a number of solar projects in Spain and Chile. (mfo)