Hybrid three-phase inverter with emergency-power capability

1/23/20, 8:01 AM -

The Chinese manufacturer Sungrow presents a new three-phase hybrid inverter in the power classes five, six, eight and ten kilowatts.

The new unit was developed with an eye to quick and easy installation.

The new unit is scheduled to be available from February 2020. According to the company, during its development, great importance was attached to quick and easy installation. All the inverter's connections are located externally so that the device does not have to be opened during installation. With its dimensions of 460 by 540 by 170 millimetres and at only 26 kilograms, the hybrid inverter is handy and compact.

The new model is compatible with many suppliers of high-voltage storage on the market, including BYD and LG Chem. A technical highlight of the inverter is the emergency power function. In the event of a grid failure, a proper three-phase island grid is created in under 20 milliseconds. In addition, according to Sungrow, the new product will be fully unbalanced-load capable. In the event of a blackout, all three independent phases will support an unbalanced load of zero to 3.5 kilowatts. (mfo)