High-voltage home storage

12/9/19, 8:02 AM -

LG Chem and SMA together introduce a new home storage system: The Sunny Boy Storage 3.7 that requires no DC/DC converter.

High-voltage home storage
The system is divided into two modules, each of which weighs about 36 kilos.

The Sunny Boy Storage 3.7 is currently the only battery inverter qualified with LG Chem's new high-voltage storage battery. It has an integrated emergency power supply with manual switchover.

The combination of SMA battery inverter and Resu 10M battery eliminates the need for an integrated DC/DC converter to increase the battery's operating voltage, says SMA. This is an essential difference to previous Resu high-voltage storage systems. Connecting the individual modules in series allows a more compact design, lower weight and reduced space requirements for the battery.

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The storage unit provides more value because of its shape, which is divided into two separate battery modules with one cover. Each battery module weighs approximately 36 kilograms. With its robust material, the storage can also be installed outdoors. (mfo)