High energy density for outdoor solar parks

3/19/20, 8:01 AM -

The Spanish company Ingeteam is launching the new Ingecon Sun 160TL three-phase string inverter.

Bringing high energy density to outdoor solar parks
The Ingecon Sun 160TL is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.

The Ingecon Sun 160TL provides 160 kilowatts of power in a single 75 kilogram unit. This new three-phase inverter with 1,500 volts DC technology is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation and is aimed primarily at large solar parks.

In addition to its high power density, the inverter's key features include its maximum efficiency of 99.1 per cent, Wi-Fi and Ethernet as well as PLC communication (Power Line) as standard, and advanced grid support functions with low-voltage continuity and reactive power capability.

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Another important advantage of the Ingecon Sun 160TL is its considerable savings potential, as the high power density drastically reduces the number of inverters to be installed and thus the amount of cabling required. In addition, no junction boxes are needed (neither for DC nor for AC) and no neutral cable either, which reduces the costs of AC cabling by up to 20 per cent. (mfo)