All-in-one inverter with many options

10/22/19, 7:58 AM -

Kostal’s Plenticore Plus is a PV hybrid inverter with optional battery input. And beyond this, it further offers a variety of customisation options.

All-in-one inverter with many options
The Plenticore Plus comes with a display as well as features not so obvious from the outside.

It has three MPP trackers which adapt themselves to the layout of almost every roof. Furthermore, these three PV inputs also allow optimum yields even in situations where shade might otherwise be an issue. For greater energy independence, the third PV input can be used to integrate a high-voltage battery. And it is compatible with a wide ranges of battery models.

The Plenticore Plus also makes it possible to use other AC energy sources in addition to the photovoltaic system, such as a domestic wind turbine, to charge the battery. Being so versatile, the Plenticore Plus is very well suited for replacing out-dated equipment.

A variety of smart options

Kostal have added a number of smart features to the Plenticore Plus as well: It has a display as well as data logger, system monitoring, networking and control interface functionalities integrated as standard. It is pre-configured for wireless Internet access via an external USB WI-Fi adapter, which will – at a later date, subject to a software update – allow automatic updating of the firmware and remote access for customer support. Other smart feature include a self-learning shadow management system that quickly and individually adapts to the installation site and a dynamic active power control and 24-hour home-consumption measurement resulting in a smart generation and consumption forecast to improve self-consumption. (mfo)

Kostal were just one of many companies that took part of our pv Guided Tours at the Intersolar in Munich.