Knipex: The jack-of-all-trades for wire end ferrules

2/11/19, 8:03 AM -

Crimping wire end ferrules without having to exchange crimping bits or pliers and from almost any working position – all this is possible with the new Knipex Twistor16.

Knipex Twistor16: The jack-of-all-trades for wire end ferrules.
One tool for everything: the Twistor16.

The 360-degree rotatable crimping head of the crimping tool Twistor16 from Knipex ensures flexibility and saves time during electrical installation. When rotated, the crimping head snaps into eight common working positions. Since the square crimping profile automatically adapts to the different cross-sections within the capacity range between 0.14 and 16 square millimetres, no manual adjustment is required beyond choosing the working direction. Incorrect crimping due to the wrong crimping bits is ruled out.
Even twin wire end ferrules up to twice six square millimetres can be pressed without any difficulties. Wire end ferrules up to 16 millimetres in length are crimped in a single operation. In addition, crimping on both sides is possible without limiting the depth of the crimping process. The crimping form is accessible from both sides and also allows longer wire end ferrules to be crimped by simply pushing them forward for a second crimp. The ergonomic grip of these lightweight and slim pliers and the enhancement of the manual force provided by a toggle-joint mechanism ensure effortless use. The Knipex Twistor16 is made of high-grade chrome vanadium electrical steel and is oil-hardened to ensure a consistently high crimping quality in compliance with standards. (mfo)

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