High-voltage connectors for solar installations

7/23/19, 8:06 AM -

The higher system voltages in solar systems require plug connections with correspondingly high performance. That is where Lapp’s Epic Solar 4Plus connector comes in.

High-voltage connectors for solar installations
Designed for photovoltaic systems that operate at up to 1,500 volts.

In addition, a system should ideally run smoothly for 20 or more years while being constantly exposed to wind and weather. This means that its components must be particularly weather-resistant. That is why Lapp has developed their four millimetre Epic Solar 4Plus connector system with double snap-in hooks. It is designed for photovoltaic systems and solar trackers that operate with up to 1.5 kilovolts of system voltage.

One of the characteristics of the connectors is their low contact resistance. For safe installation on site, large currents and long cable lengths, the developers have equipped the connectors with a crimp connection. The connector is protected against accidental opening in accordance with the US-based NEC standard – the connection can only be released with a tool. The Epic Solar 4Plus is certified according to IEC 62852, the relevant standard for connectors for DC voltage applications in photovoltaic systems. (mfo)

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