Top products of the week

12/13/19, 7:00 AM -

A high-voltage home storage unit, an app that helps to simplify the process of recording projects, an energy management system for specialists and an EV rapid charger that accepts a debit card. Here are our top products of the week:

One of our top products of the week: High-voltage home storage
The system is divided into two modules, each of which weighs about 36 kilos.

LG Chem and SMA together introduce a new home storage system: The Sunny Boy Storage 3.7 that requires no DC/DC converter.

REC has launched a new app: the REC Sun Snap. Tailored to the needs of installers, this app allows systems to be recorded quickly and easily.

Software company Athion present their solution Athion Alpha, which is an energy management system for very complex applications.

With their DC FastCharger, EnerCharge from Austria are offering a 350-kilowatt charger that allows paying without prior registration. (mfo)