Top products of the week

5/31/19, 7:02 AM -

A semi-flexible PV roofing membrane, a lightweight inverter with up to ten kilowatts, an intelligent feed management system and a reliable string monitor. These are our top products of the week:

One of our top products of the week: Alwitra’s semi-flexible solar roofing membrane
The low weight makes the Evalon Solar cSi ideal for roofs with sub-standard load capacity.

Alwitra have updated their solar roofing material. The PV membrane is now more efficient and requires less space per kilowatt.

GoodWe is launching the XS Series, a small, lightweight and silent home inverter.

The Solarwatt EnergyManager is an smart control unit for the energy supply in a household. It is handles both energy production and energy consumption at the same time.

The ABB Technology Group has developed a new electricity metering system for photovoltaic systems. (mfo)

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