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4/19/19, 7:01 AM -

A storage battery with up to 96 kilowatt hours of storage, a new monitoring software, a odular inverter bank and an inverter with up to 100 kilowatts of output. These are our top products of the week:

One of our top products of the week: The Axistorage Li 10S
Axistorage can be flexibly expanded to up to 96 kilowatt hours.

The storage and solar panel manufacturer Axitec Energy from Böblingen presents the Axistorage Li 10S for home and commercial applications.

The Mondas monitoring software records all relevant plant data such as operating temperatures, runtimes or number of revolutions.

Manufacturer PMT offers the modular inverter bank INB V8, which is universally applicable and adjustable for all devices. Thanks to its modular design, it can be adapted to the number of inverters required.

Effective immediately, Solaredge is offering a three-phase inverter for commercial installations that provides up to 100 kilowatts of output. (mfo)

You can now sign up for our upcoming pv Guided Tours at The smarter E Europe (Intersolar Europe, ees Europe, Power2Drive, EM-Power) in Munich in May 2019.

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