Top products of the week

1/11/19, 7:02 AM -

A fuse terminal that blocks up to 1000 Volts, a new lithium traction battery for electric vehicles, a solar module that delivers up to 370 watts and mono-crystalline PV modules that have been awarded for quality. These are our top products of this week:

One of the top products of the week:
The prize-winning Q-Peak G4 solar module by Hanwha Q-Cells.

Thanks to the new UK lever-type fuse terminal blocks, the right fuse holder is available from Phoenix Contact for various applications.

The Swiss battery system manufacturer Ecovolta has developed a standardised Li-ion traction battery.

The Neon R module from LG Electronics has an output of up to 370 watts.

The prize-winning Q-Peak G4 solar module by Hanwha Q-Cells boasts a performance class of up to 310 watts and efficiencies of 18.6 percent.

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