Top products of the week

1/4/19, 7:02 AM -

A photovoltaic solar façade is almost invisible, an App with enhanced PV monitoring features, a new ACI that enables operation without any leakage current and newly launched PV roofing tiles. These are our top products of the week.

A top product of the week: Solar-Log`s Web Enerest App.
Solar-Log`s Web Enerest App.

The white solar film from Solaxess could be integrated during the PV-panels manufacturing.

The new Solar-Log Web Enerest App 1.2.0 offers even more intuitive ways to monitor solar PV plants.

Thanks to galvanic separation by the ACI unit, the new Dehn Guard ACI enables operation without any leakage current and with a high degree of TOV withstand.

SolTech Energy is now launching SolTech Roof, a new product that replaces traditional roofing tiles, and it will be marketed as a building material for roof replacement.

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