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12/7/18, 7:01 AM -

PV mono modules with 310 watts, inverters with an additional safety function, a standalone EV charger and a modular and upgradable energy storage system. These are our top products of the week.

Top product of the week: Q-Peak G4.1.
Top product of the week: Q-Peak G4.1.

The solar module of Hanwha Q-Cells’ Q-Peak G4 boasts a performance class of up to 310 watts and efficiencies of 18.6 percent.
Three inverters from Kaco are equipped as standard for fitting with overvoltage protection of Type 1+2.

SolarEdge presents its residential electric vehicle charging station.
The modular energy storage system from RCT Power can be upgraded and adapted to fit user requirements. (nhp)

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