Simulation and planning software with enhanced performance

7/11/19, 8:03 AM -

The new version of Polysun primarily promises improved performance.

Simulation and planning software with enhanced performance
Polysun also has a dark mode to reduce strain on the eyes.

Version 11.1 of Polysun, Vela Solaris’ simulation and planning software for building-integrated energy systems also has other new features. Windows users can choose between a 32-bit and a 64-bit version. With the 64-bit version, more memory can be used, allowing the simulation of complex hydraulic schemes. Installation on Mac OS has also been optimised. Flexible network licenses enable more user-friendly license management. For example, in an office, all users on all workstations can use Polysun as long as they are not working with it at the same time, even if the company only holds one license.

In addition, individual components can be copied and selected from existing templates. The new, adjustable dark mode makes concentrated work easier and is easy on the eyes. (mfo)

The videos from the 2019 pv Guided Tours at The smarter E Europe (Intersolar Europe, ees Europe, Power2Drive, EM-Power) in Munich are now online.

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